Distraught writer has her head resting on a pile of crumpled up paper.


 Delete the Doubt Group Program

Are you stuck in the middle?

Have you abandoned projects because you didn’t know how to move forward?

Is your blog languishing because you think you have nothing to say?

Do you get frustrated that the writing on the page isn’t as good as what’s in your head?

Fear that you’ll be rejected or that no one will like what you wrote?

Do you wish that you could delete the doubt?


Doubt is part of the creative process. We all experience it in one form or another. And doubt isn’t all bad; it has it’s advantages. The problems happen when good doubt turns to bad doubt. That’s when we get stuck. When we stop. When we quit.

Delete the Doubt Group Program is designed to help you learn to use good doubt productively and banish the bad doubt from your writing/creative practice with a group setting. This makes the program more affordable and you’ll get the advantage of the support of other writers. You’ll:

  • Explore your character strengths and how you can use them to weather challenges

  • Identify when idea-doubt shifts to self-doubt, and what you can do about it

  • Learn how to use idea doubt productively to improve your work

  • Reframe that inner nagging voice that makes you stop writing

  • Develop strategies to counter self-doubt and help you keep moving forward

What You’ll Get:

  • 8 modules on how to use creative doubt better and delete the doubt that’s holding you back (Value: $197)

  • Worksheets for each module to help you put the strategies into use (Value: $99)

  • 4 group coaching calls where you’ll develop strategies to change your relationship with doubt (Value: $297)

  • Email support in between sessions so that you have support while you’re implementing the strategies. ($99)

Nanowrimo Special!

For the November start date, the Delete the Doubt Group Program is just $297! (Value $697)

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