Photo Prompt Friday 8.30.19

Write…..or Look at Puppies?

Three puppies lean their heads over the edge of the basket they are in, with a blurred background.

It’s Friday, it’s Labor Day Weekend, and there’s kayaking and Michigan hard cider in my future. Not gonna lie…. I sort of just want to look at puppy pictures instead of write today. Or maybe take a nap surrounded by sleeping puppies. Or just hang out in a yard full of puppies for a while, watching the antics.

But, it’s Photo Prompt Friday so I’ll suck it up for ten more minutes and think of some ideas (that have to do with puppies!) Maybe it’s a sweet meet-cute as two people adopt puppies from the same litter, but they don’t know it until the puppies meet in the street and then they fall in love. Maybe it’s a cute picture book all about a littler of puppies who escape their basket and go for a romp in the field. And, because you know my brain has to include at least one crime/mystery, maybe the MC goes to the shelter to adopt one of those adorable little brindles and finds the shelter manager dead. (Shhh…..don’t tell the shelter I volunteer with, but at some point, it’s getting used as inspiration in a mystery.)

Happy long writing weekend!