Input to Output

Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, NE

I’m in the middle of taking a Strengths course, which is fabulous, with Becca Syme, but it reminded me that this blog has been neglected and forgotten. For all the input, there’s got to be some output ;) In other words, all the information that is crammed in my brain about cemeteries doesn’t do all that much good if it’s just sitting there. Sharing, in various forms, is a good thing and this blog can be part of that.

I find cemeteries fascinating places. They always inspire a thousand questions and stories in my mind. Sometimes, the answers are out there; sometimes not. Either way, interesting!

My goal is to get back at “touring” a cemetery at least once a month. When time allows, I’ll dig a little deeper into a particular story, symbol, or gravestone or whatever else pops up. When it doesn’t, we’ll still have all the fun cemetery questions to ponder. And, as happens in other spaces, there will be the occasional dog post, writing post (Did you hear that Crime Travel is coming?), and whatever else spikes our interest here in the Mitten.