Photo Prompt Friday 8.16.19

So many ideas, so little time. Ever have one of those weeks? It’s been one here—-feeling pulled in about a thousand different directions between short story ideas, nonfiction book writing, trying to get things done for the Creatively Centered coaching business, and, somewhere in there, finding time to refill the creative well so I don’t crash and burn a little further down the road.

Maybe it’s all the rush of things this week, but this image hit me and then went in a hundred different story ideas. The immediate idea for me was spy story. Clearly, I watch too many movies and TV shows but the buildings and the street car and the cobblestone streets bring me to a high-stakes spy game. But, then, I could see a romance developing on one of those corners or a lover’s quarrel on the street car. Or it’s a midlife career woman who travels to Prague and comes to some life-altering decision about her life as she looks out of one of those windows.

So many stories, so little time.

Happy writing, and if you find a story out of one of the prompts here, be sure to let me know!