“Write the book” Package

Have you always wanted to write a book, but don’t know where to start or how to make it happen? Do you want to publish a book to increase your business sales or to promote yourself as a thought leader in your field? Do you want to write a memoir, autobiography, or family history for future generations?

Almost everyone you meet has a book or novel on their bucket list. But writing is hard (much harder than it looks). You may have tried to write your memoir or book before, but found that you didn’t know what to write or even where to get started. Maybe you sat down to create a book to sell to your clients or followers and found that something was missing. Do you have the dream of writing but it gets interrupted by meetings, obligations, and trying to find a little down time?

Let me help you make that dream a reality—in less than a year! We’ll work together to brainstorm ideas, organize your project, and set realistic milestones. At the end of the program, if you follow the plan we create together, you’ll have a complete first draft in your hands! (And if you finish your first draft early, no worries! We’ll delve into editing and publishing options.)

I’ve spent over fifteen years as a developmental editor and content director, specializing in non-fiction books and projects. Personally, I’ve written and/or developed over 175 book-length nonfiction projects. During that time, I’ve helped writers, academics, and subject matter experts go from ideas to completed projects. I’ve worked with experienced writers and those who hadn’t written anything beyond grocery lists since high school or university. I love helping people take what they are passionate about and bring it to life.

What you’ll get:

  • Twenty 45-minute sessions so that you have ongoing support through the writing process.

  • Personalized writing plan so that you have a program that will work for you to finish your first draft.

  • Ongoing email/phone support throughout the program so that you can contact me when you need an extra boost of support or have a question.


  • 1,000 word review with each session. This can be used to look at an issue you have in your work or to improve your overall writing.

“Write the Book” package: $5,495 (value of $8790)

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