Person’s torso shown in a yellow sweater typing on a computer.

 Struggling to find the time to write?

Not meeting your deadlines?

Feel like a more regular writing schedule would help you finish your WIP?

Trying to squish writing time in between work, family, and needed down time?

You’ve probably heard the “butt in the chair” advice for finishing your novel, nonfiction book, or dissertation many times. We all have. And it’s true. Books don’t write themselves. Yet, as true as that advice is, it’s sometimes hard advice to follow. Many of us work full-time jobs and have families and other obligations. Trying to find time to write, let along a regular schedule, is hard. Some of us are master procrastinators and can find a million other things to do than sitting in the chair to write.

Do you need:

  • Accountability?

  • Encouragement to set a schedule AND keep it?

  • Support as you navigate work, family, other obligations AND writing?

If so, you might find that habit coaching can help you write more regularly, stick to a schedule, and finish your WIP faster.

Set daily or weekly writing goals or create personalized goals. I’ll help you meet them! You’ll get:

  • A schedule that works for you. We’ll work together to create a unique schedule that takes into account your life and needs.

  • Check-ins to increase accountability.

  • Ability to customize as we go. Your needs may change and we can change your writing schedule right along with them.

Contact me now to learn more.